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At GeoCue Australia our focus is drone-based technology and how this can be used to most benefit our partners in our key target markets of Cadastral Surveying, Mine Surveying, Power, Utilities and Forestry. Whilst GeoCue Group Inc based products and systems are our primary focus, we do and will support and partner with other, local and international, manufacturers of hardware and software. This brings great benefit for our partners to acquire multiple complimentary systems from the one supplier. This includes a growing list of partnerships, if you are aware of an item or software that you would like local support for please feel free to suggest this to us.

Drone LiDAR is becoming very popular in the drone precision mapping community. While photogrammetry is still the predominate way to conduct drone mapping due to its very low entry cost, it does not provide a solution where there is vegetated ground or for modelling overhead structures such as wires. However, whilst LiDAR solves many issues the cost of entry for such LiDAR solutions is relatively high at approximately $50,000 AUD, plus a drone, for the lowest cost system. An additional barrier to entry is the high cost and complexity of software tools necessary to enter this market. To ease the barriers to entry, consider using our drone LiDAR/imagery TrueView LiDAR rental (Subscription) systems. 

Our ideal customer journey is to engage with our Land Surveying partners and help you deliver LiDAR deliverables to your end customers. We can partner with you in this work, you look after the survey based requirements and we look after the flying and LiDAR data collection.

GeoCue Australia seeks to provide you with the ultimate in partnering and assistance. This extends to assisting you with Rentals, new product training, software integration, trouble shooting and general support and service of your equipment. Backed by a team of highly trained engineers and technicians, both locally and USA based, we are well positioned to both advise and assist you in all aspects of your drone mapping operations.

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Here you can find articles about our products and services, case studies that we have conducted, events that we either conduct or attend, announcements and updates, white papers and recorded webinars that explain and demonstrate various tasks and workflows that can be performed in our software.







GeoCue Australia are a subsidiary of GeoCue Group Inc (USA) and has been established to take advantage of the existing GeoCue customer base in Australia, and the region, and the very strong acceptance of UAV based technology here.
Based in Brisbane and with staff in Sydney, we seek to fully embrace the excellent GeoCue range of hardware and software combined with our other complimentary products and systems. Given our survey-based background and staff, we are well placed to help and advise you regarding multi rotor drones, VTOL fixed wing drones, photogrammetry, LiDAR, GNSS, CORS options, Bathymetry and related software for these various areas.
We are very customer focused and in conjunction with our various partners, look forward to working with you and your team.


The power of GeoCue Australia is enhanced by its incredible global network. Our network functions as a mutually beneficial circuit of connectivity, innovation and shared expertise that works to benefit GeoCue Australia and the clients it is proud to serve.




Authentic and genuine connection is formed with empathy. The Tech Industry can quite quickly lose sight of the people who are purchasing the product. By placing our value in empathy, we see the people who need the product.


We know what we are, we know what we offer and therefore we stand behind everything that we do. We focus on the support and solution.


We take pride in our business, branding, our ideas, our customers and our team. This is such a powerful value, pride can be seen and felt and it can’t be faked.


We are extremely adaptable and open to growth and change. This branches across our business from our products to our people.

Being very customer focused, we have great focus on ensuring that our customers have confidence in our processes, systems and products.

This extends to the following.


Clarity about the product, our company & process.


Confidence in the solutions that we provide and that they have bought from a local and trusted source.


Empowered through our association to fully utilise the product & software to solve site issues.


Support for if and when required, we are very accessible. This is not exclusive to issues, they also understand they have access to a community of support.



Our Company Culture

Our company culture stems from the unrelenting desire to achieve great things with great people. This starts with employing genuinely good, enthusiastic, and capable people and giving them the tools and space to succeed. All else follows from these beginnings.

- Mark Hickey, General Manager and Director


The power of GeoCue Australia is enhanced by our incredible global network. Our network functions as a mutually beneficial circuit of connectivity, innovation and shared expertise that works to benefit GeoCue Australia and the clients whom we are proud to serve. 


General Manager and Director

Mark has extensive experience throughout business management, sales, marketing, product development and staff management. He has over 20 years' experience in the Survey, Mining and Drone industries within Australia, NZ and Asia.


Building on a Business and Marketing degree, the last years have essentially involved creating and building successful businesses and strong partnerships. Being very comfortable with public speaking, Mark is happy to speak on his feet and looks forward to meeting and working with you.


Tech Support & Maintenance Controller

Steve comes to us from having spent 32 years working with the Australian Defence Force in mostly Technical and Administration roles. In addition to this, he has over 40y of experience working with RPA and has a sound knowledge of the CASA requirements for RPA operations. Steve is a DJI trained service tech for the M300 and also looks after the general repairs and maintenance of our Lidars. If you have any technical issues with any piece of equipment, Steve is your go-to man.


Steve’s hobbies unsurprisingly include building and flying RC Aircraft, he also enjoys fishing and camping with the family.


Training & Support Officer

Ben is an accomplished Geospatial expert with 24 years of extensive experience in Government and Defence, with demonstrated success in leading high-performing geospatial teams in complex, dynamic and demanding environments.


CASA licensed and with a passion for RPAS, this combines well with Ben’s GIS and Survey experience. Ben’s familiarity with our hardware and software packages will help you to operate in both the field and office with confidence. As with the rest of the team, Ben looks forward to contributing to help build our mutual business interests. 

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