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The civil engineering sector has seen a massive transformation regarding technology, the need for fast acquisition and turnaround of data to make informed decisions on the worksite specifically where site maps an ongoing volumetrics are required.

Lidar certainly helps aid these demands, a GeoCue True View Lidar system is much more than just a data collection tool, the seamless workflow is an end-to-end solution for capturing, processing, exporting data and deliverables. This data can be locally and viewed by our Evo Explorer or to cloud services such as our Reckon portal which allows team members to globally access and view data with no need to download and install software.

Users of these platforms include geotechnical engineers, surveyors, and senior executives to name a few. Surveyors or engineers looking for specific deliverables are also able to export to cad and other civil works programs to create machine control files, reports, and a myriad of other deliverables typically required at a civil construction site.

Key Benefits using a True view 3dis in the construction industry

  • Rapid data collection

  • Fast turnaround time for data & deliverables.

  • Flexible outputs and delivery

  • Powerful positioning system & sensor calibration means less ground control

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