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Mining is the extraction of resources from the earth. This is often a large scale - high volume operation which encounters inherent dangers.

Safety is paramount in mining, followed closely by economics. Mining is only profitable if techniques to extract the resources are efficient. As technology improves and costs reduce more resources become economical to mine. Mines also work closely to a schedule and it is important data is collected and distributed in a timely manner.

It is important for data to be quickly collected and presented to help engineers with mine planning and scheduling and daily mine operations.

GeoCue presents cutting edge technology for data capture, that can increase productivity and remove personnel from hazards. High performance LiDAR can capture high accuracy data, without the need for surveyors to be near the danger areas, by removing them and replacing them with a drone-based sensor. The main benefit of LiDAR over photogrammetry is the speed of data processing – a fraction of the time of photogrammetry.

Utilising drone-based technology dramatically increases the safety off surveyors by entirely removing them from the hazardous environment.

Lidar can dramatically solve many of the problems associated in mining. LiDAR is a technology that allows the surveyor to quickly capture and process data and turn it around to interested stakeholders on the mine, Enviros, engineers, geologists and management. As opposed to photogrammetry, a LiDAR system creates a point cloud from direct measurement on the ground.

Data can be used for volume calculations. Topo surface generation. Detail pick-up such as ore mark ups / coal seems

True View LiDAR hardware is easy to use and includes a simple four step data processing work-flow in TrueView EVO software to download and process collected data - In no more time than it takes to fly the mission you will have the raw point cloud ready for use!

Alongside our high-performance LiDAR and photogrammetry systems, GeoCue Australia can provide survey tools to collect water body data, and GPS base station and rover kits. Our McBathy is a cost effective turn-key USV (Unmanned Survey Vessel) bathymetric solution to collect water body information, such as tails storage facilities, creeks and dams.

We supply a range of high performance, robust and cost-effective GPS base station and rover kits – either hand-held or vehicle mounted - that will work with existing base stations, so that information can quickly be collected by personnel in the field and mine construction progress easily monitored and easily WiFi-d back to the office.

We have aerial surveying solutions that cover LIDAR and photogrammetry needs. Long range VTOL photogrammetry / LiDAR platforms for large area surveying.

GeoCue has a rich heritage in class leading point cloud software, LiDAR and PPK positioning hardware and staff with extensive industry experience. Together we can work to increase mine productivity in a safe and efficient manner.

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