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Like many professions, ‘Land Surveyors’ face many different customer requirements and via the use of technology can seek to best deliver on these requirements. Likewise, using and embracing such technology is an important part of remaining competitive and being able to create a unique or specific offering that a business becomes known for – a USP if you like (unique selling proposition).

This march of technology includes (in a rough timeline), Total stations, Photogrammetry, GPS (now GNSS), boat-based Bathymetry, reflector less Total stations, GPR, Robotic total stations, terrestrial Laser Scanning, Lidar, drone-based Photogrammetry, CORS based GNSS, vehicle mounted LIDAR, RC Bathymetry, Laser scanning for Robotic Total stations, hand held Laser scanning, drone-based Lidar, drone based GPR, drone-based Bathymetry Lidar and drone-based cable Bathymetry.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of options and indeed many of these areas are not traditionally a part of ‘Surveying’. Still, surveyors are an enterprising group of professionals who will embrace technology, or perhaps outsource the requirement, to solve a client issue or in order to meet a future need.

Surveyors are perhaps the group that GeoCue Australia has worked most closely with over the years and the group that our technology, products and systems were possibly designed to cater to and for. This is not to say that our equipment and help is not useful for many other groups and industries. It is perhaps that Surveyors as a resourceful, professional, large and well-funded group of early adopters drives the initial technology push via the need for new solutions to old problems.

This relentless need motivates manufacturers and innovators to create the amazing systems and products that we see being brought to market in a continual manner – which is where GeoCue Australia can come be involved to assist our partners in accessing such technology.

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