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Flood Risk Analysis: City of Miami Beach

Seawall details with Profile View in True View Evo

The Challenge

We all have Global Warming fatigue, but a look at the shoreline in very expensive neighborhoods of Miami Beach, Florida using a True View 3DIS really brings home the concern. The City of Miami Beach, one of our first True View 410 customers, is very concerned about the height of seawalls in its canal neighborhoods. The interface between canal and residences/ businesses is far too complex and clustered to map with conventional multi-ray photogrammetry. LIDAR was clearly the desired solution, but feature identification is very difficult using the available display modalities of LIDAR (monochromatic intensity, elevation, etc.). What is needed for the job is an image-colorized, accurate point cloud; a True View 3DIS data set!

The Solution

A GeoCue True View 410 beta unit was flown in July 2019, collecting a stunning data set of the east side of the canal. The technical question – can True View 3DIS data be used to measure the height of the seawall, even in clustered areas? The answer was a resounding “yes”, in stunning detail. The colorized point cloud provides visual guidance to the wall using a planning view in the True View Evo software, whereas the Profile View provides a clear cross-section with height directly measured from the superimposed graticule. The True View systems will make quick work of this vitally important task.

Colorized Point Cloud View of East Canal Section Captured by True View 410

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