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GeoCue Can Help You Select the RIGHT LiDAR Product for the RIGHT Application

Updated: Mar 27

Review a LiDAR Data Analysis Report created by the experts at GeoCue

GeoCue is a leader in the world of LiDAR and can answer your questions about collecting data from airborne LiDAR, choosing the right system for your line of work, and evaluating the LiDAR sensor best suited for your needs.

Since 2003, the innovators at GeoCue have taken a knowledgeable and objective approach to creating solutions for their customers, based on a solid foundation of best practices. When surveying and mapping professionals seek answers to their LiDAR challenges, they know they can turn to the experts at GeoCue.

For example, Behron & Associates enlisted GeoCue to examine data from three different LiDAR scanners to help recommend a sensor for electric utility work. GeoCue provided an in-depth LiDAR Data Analysis Report for data collected with a Phoenix Lidar Systems Ranger-HA Riegl VUX-1 (VUX-2), a Riegl VUX-1-HA (VUX-1), and the Aerolid 720 LIVOX Avia (Aerolid). The comparison was detailed and scientific, covering data structure, data quality, and wire specific analysis for all three LiDAR scanners. This type of analysis and methodology illustrates why GeoCue is at the vanguard of LiDAR technology and demonstrates why industry-leading surveying, mapping, and geospatial companies rely on GeoCue for successful collection, processing, and management of LiDAR Data.

Companies like the United States Geological Survey (USGS), who in cooperation with GeoCue, developed a tool to validate LAS compliance. This tool is built into GeoCue’s TrueView EVO/LP360 software and was used in the data structure analysis for this report. In the conclusions of this LIDAR Data Analysis Report GeoCue provided recommendations and identified that the datasets showed some problematic issues in post-processing as well as sensor calibration errors. The overall assessment of the data from all three systems and the conclusions are detailed in the 36-page report which can be downloaded here. This type of insight, detail, and knowledge provided by the professionals at GeoCue, demonstrate why GeoCue can objectively recommend the right LiDAR product for the right application. Their experience and expertise can help you identify the quality of the sensor needed and more importantly, get industry-leading processing software to obtain your best results. Contact the professionals at GeoCue today to determine what level of UAV LiDAR will provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

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