Software plays an integral part of most lidar and mapping solutions in lieu of this GeoCue has an extensive range of sensors partnered with processing software and post deployment support to offer users a fully integrated solution for drone mapping applications.

In the lidar space our comprehensive True View Evo software allows users to take raw data and create deliverable for clients as well as export a myriad of outputs relevant to other software packages that may provide different deliverables.

Evo also extends to Photogrammetry, our partnership with Agisoft has allowed us to bring Metashape For Evo or (MFE) functionality. The means with the correct workflow it is possible to create accurate deliverables with a streamlined process.

In a different space, managing you drone fleet has never been easier. With the use of Drone management software such as Drone Logbook, its easy to complete the required logs to run a business safely, efficiently while maintaining compliance.