LiDAR’s ability to capture high-resolution, high-accuracy, extremely dense point clouds of scanned areas and objects is of value in many applications. Any process that requires an accurate 3D representation of an area is a process that can benefit greatly from LiDAR technology. LiDAR’s unique abilities beyond photogrammetry are numerous and include - an ability to penetrate vegetation, operate regardless of light, collect data 360 degrees including vertical structures and achieve returns from surfaces of low visual contrast. Lastly LiDAR offers a data processing time that is generally equal to the time taken to collect the data, just one of various significant benefits over more traditional methods.

Canopy Management

Digital Twin

Flood Mapping

Powerline Mapping

Pre and Post Blasting

Rehabilitation Work

Vegetation Mapping

Stock Pile Volume Analysis

Topographic Surveying



Photogrammetry is a well understood and easily accessible method which involves the process of recording, measuring and interpreting photographic and other types of images in order to obtain reliable data regarding objects. A drone with direct geopositioning capabilities makes acquiring, processing and analyzing this data more accurate, easier and faster. Thus, providing a much-needed technical advantage in a highly competitive field. GeoCue Australia are able to provide the drone, hardware and drone 3D mapping software solutions that enable you to perform high accuracy drone based 3D mapping on a range of projects.


Assess Damage

Real Estate

3D Modeling

StockPile Volume Analysis

Topographic Surveying


Recent research shows that it is now again acceptable to use the terms ‘Drone’, having gone out of favour due to certain military applications. This creates a situation where we no longer have to employ the various alternate options that have been used over the last decades, these have included UAV, UAS, RPAS, UUV, AUV, ROV and even SUAS. The term ‘Drone’, is relatively straightforward and recognised and of course is a term that can be applied to drones that not only go into the air but also are designed and deployed for use in many other applications.

For GeoCue Australia our drones, generally speaking, are used in the air and on water bodies. We also have some reach into the ROV space for drones that operate below the water line. Our aerial based drones and drones that operate above the water line, also ROV, are our current focus although we are always looking for new opportunities so this could expand in other interesting directions.

Our aerial based drones include, of course, Dji multi-rotors, CHC multi-rotors, CHC VTOL fixed wing and the Free Fly systems heavy lift multi-rotor. Our water-based drone options include our locally developed McBathy RC bathymetry system. All of these options are quite advanced and include such things as mission planning, first person view cameras and a multitude of other sensors and systems to protect the drone, others around it and the data which is being collected and stored.

With the exception of the Dji Phantom 4 RTK, all of our drones carry a payload or items which are attached to the drone (payload). Whilst drones can be quite expensive often the payload is many times more expensive or valuable than the drone which is literally doing the ‘heavy lifting’.

It is beyond doubt that drones are very important in our modern life, often being used in helpful, entertaining or industrial ways that highlight how creative and resourceful humankind can be in finding new ways to solve old problems.

Precision Agriculture

Asset Inspection

Aerial Mapping / Surveying


Software plays an integral part of most lidar and mapping solutions in lieu of this GeoCue has an extensive range of sensors partnered with processing software and post deployment support to offer users a fully integrated solution for drone mapping applications. 

In the lidar space our comprehensive True View Evo software allows users to take raw data and create deliverable for clients as well as export a myriad of outputs relevant to other software packages that may provide different deliverables. 

Evo also extends to Photogrammetry, our partnership with Agisoft has allowed us to bring Metashape For Evo or (MFE) functionality. The means with the correct workflow it is possible to create accurate deliverables with a streamlined process. 

In a different space, managing you drone fleet has never been easier. With the use of Drone management software such as Drone Logbook, its easy to complete the required logs to run a business safely, efficiently while maintaining compliance. 

Drone Fleet Management

PPK Correction

Post Processing