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In order for us to engage with you for a wet hire, certain requirements need to be met. These details are fully detailed in our agreement, which can be supplied to you on request. This needs to be signed before work commences.

To take advantage of our Partner Service offer, certain requirements must be met. These are very briefly outlined below. 

  • Your organisation needs to provide the survey control that is to be used and a relevant RINEX file. 

  • You need to hold Insurance for Professional Indemnity, as a supplier of hardware we do not hold this insurance.    

  • You need to take responsibility for the collected data and the deliverable to your client.



  • True View 635/640 3DIS LIDAR System

    • Reigl miniVUX-3UAV Laser Scanner

    • Dual 20 megapixel GeoCue Mapping Camera
      – includes a mounting kit for drone (must be returned with the system)

  • True View EVO Processing Software

  • POSPac Cloud On Demand Subscription
    For a month's rental, we provide 3250 points, this is good for approx. 4-6 hours of flying. Most customers don’t use all of the points. If you do, more can be purchased for $1 USD per point.

  • True View Reckon Admin Subscription

  •  3,250 expiring True View Points per month

System is kept up to date with respect to hardware, firmware and calibration!

Failed systems are exchanged within 2 business days.

Available Rental Commitments:

  • 2 Weeks

  • 1 Month

  • 3 Months

  • 12 Months

  • Which drones can be used with the TrueView LiDAR sensors?
    DJI Matrice 300RTK or 350RTK. We can rent you an m300RTK if needed. Please let us know which one you have and we will provide the correct items to fit the payload to your drone.
  • Do I need to get insurance?
    Yes. You need to have cover for loss for our TrueView LiDAR system in place. We assume that you have indemnity and loss cover for your Drone. We have in transit cover in place for our equipment. We require you to select ‘Signature on delivery’ when returning equipment to us.
  • What is the shortest period that I can rent for?
    Two Weeks
  • Is the system very hard to learn or is it relatively straight forward?
    We offer a day of free training/ support with each rental. This includes helping you set up the software, collect the data and to process the data
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer rentals for our TrueView LiDAR sensors from $11,995.00 ex gst for a two week period.
  • Is there a limit to how much flying I can do?
    No, you can fly as many missions as your time and batteries allow.


We see and appreciate that whilst many providers are eager to enter the Drone LiDAR space, it can be an expensive and possibly daunting venture. To help with this we offer various solutions including our rental options but also our Partner Service, which is in effect a ‘Wet Hire’. 

Our intention is to partner with you in entering the LiDAR drone space. Our Wet Hire option is intended to be a great starting point. This can occur over 1-3 days and can involve training on all aspects of the process if desired. This is an offer intended for Land Survey companies or at least those who can provide the survey control for the work in question and after delivering the collected data to their end customer, take responsibility for the deliverables. 


For our Wet Hire engagements, we generally use a TrueView 515, a DJI Matrice 300RTK, our GNSS equipment, flight planning software, LP360 Drone software, our insurance and Repl and Reoc qualifications. Given this is a ‘Wet Hire’, we do of course also provide an experienced pilot who is very familiar with both our systems and your needs. .   


Many partners choose to engage in this Wet Hire service on an ongoing basis. This is certainly possible for smaller jobs and where the geography suits. 


After a Wet Hire, customers may like to either opt to engage one of our TrueView LiDAR rental systems. Or perhaps purchase a new system. Our TrueView 410 systems are available for rental from a minimum period of 2 weeks.  


We do also have quite a large number of TrueView LiDAR customers around the country who may be engaged to collect this data with you. Please feel free to ask and we can make introductions where possible. 


So regardless of your experience, future plans, or the size of the job in question, we have a solution for you via our various options.

Geocue's wet hire has become an invaluable service to us

"We’ve been working with GeoCue on some of our more demanding and risky projects. We deal with thick vegetated terrain and steep slopes every week in our line of work, particularly following the recent flood devastation in our Northern NSW region. Aerial Lidar is an amazing advancement in technology and by engaging Geocue’s Lidar systems in a wet hire, we have the confidence that isn’t available from cheaper off the shelf packages. The data acquisition is comprehensive, reliable and to the quality expected from us by our clients. Geocue’s wet hire has become an invaluable service to us, keeping our deliverables cost effective and keeping our team out of harm's way in dangerous environments.”

— Lucas Flumm, Byron Bay Surveyors

TrueView product & software is some of the finest tech around.

"GeoCue Australia were exceptionally helpful in showing us the capabilities of the drone mounted TrueView 515 and demonstrating the capabilities in difficult forested terrain that would have otherwise taken weeks to survey. 

I was highly impressed with the demonstration and am left with no doubt that the TrueView product and software is some of the finest tech around. We have had some unbelievable results with the unit when compared to our normal terrestrial survey."

— Paul Reed, East Coast Surveys



  • TrueView 515 3DIS LiDAR System

    • PANDAR Laser Sensor

    • Dual 20 megapixel GeoCue Mapping Camera

  • TrueView LP360 Drone Processing Software

  • POSPac Cloud On Demand Subscription

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