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In recent history environmental conservation and restoration has made headlines. environmental engineers, researchers and conservationist alike are using drone and sensor technologies. from wild animal management, weed detection, aerial application.

For large areas, the use of Powerlift-fixed wing drones play a significant role. The increased flight time and high-resolution imaging can capture large volumes of data repeatably. This allows monitoring change from coastal erosion to the identification of species.

On the other hand, small to medium areas with can benefit from the use of a multirotor or unmanned helicopter the significant increase in vegetation penetration enabling the terrain to be extracted from below a tree canopy opens a world of possibility especially for planning and monitoring. A True View 3DIS with industry leading colorisation called ray tracing enables a much more detailed view in comparison to other Lidar systems.

Key Benefits using a True view 3dis in the Environmental Industry

  • Parallel lidar and Otho-Mosaic capture mean less flying and more deliverables.

  • Crisp automated Colourisation

  • Vegetation Penetration

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