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TrueView 655/660

TrueView 655/660 3D Imaging System With Three Cameras

TrueView 655/660

The TrueView® 655/660 is GeoCue’s third generation RIEGL integration built with the miniVUX-3UAV and triple mapping cameras (right, left, nadir) for high accuracy mapping with excellent vegetation penetration and wire detection in a lightweight payload package.


Data Collection

LIDAR + Imagery

Laser Scanner


LIDAR Beams/Returns

Up to 5 per outgoing pulse

LIDAR Range - usable

100 m for targets with > 20% reflectivity

Positioning and Orientation System

(655) Applanix APX-15 | (660) Applanix APX-20

Pulse Repetition Rate

Up to 300 kHz (selectable)*


Better than 3 cm RMSE (655) / 2.5 cm (660)


(655) Better than 2.5 cm at 1 σ | (660) Better than 2 cm at 1 σ

Camera Sensor

3 Sony IMX-183: 1”, 20 MP, RGB -> 60 MP per payload


(655) 2.4 kg | (660) 2.5 kg



  • True View 655/660 Imaging Sensor


  • External Power Adaptor (Drone Specific, M300 Cable Pictured)

  • USB

  • GNSS Antenna

  • Sensor Hardcase


  • LP360 Drone Processing Software

  • Includes Strip Align and Desktop Photo Add Ons


  • Access to LP360 Cloud


  • 1 year of hardware and software support

  • 2 days of free training


LP360 Desktop Photo 

We have built interfaces directly into our drone mapping processing software, LP360 Drone, for driving both an embedded version of Metashape (Metashape for LP360 Drone) as well as the full GUI version of Metashape Professional.  This design provides a seamless photogrammetric workflow for users of LP360 Drone processing software. 

Metashape for LP360 supports the generation of:

  • LP360 Desktop Photo imagery for improving positional accuracy

  • Point clouds from imagery (“structure from motion”) – typically used in DJI camera workflows

  • Orthomosaics

LP360 Strip Align 

Data can exhibit small geometric inconsistence, especially when combining data from multiple flights.  BayesMap StripAlign for LP360 Drone detects and corrects these errors via an application of sensor-specific mathematical modelling.  StripAlign is a fully automated process with no need for users to set project-specific “tuning” parameters or to move in and out of the LP360 Drone processing environment – press a button and it works!

Image Exaggerated to Display StripAlign Effect 


Our TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors were designed as a lightweight payload to allow flexible integrations on numerous drone platforms. We have worked with several drone providers to provide customers the complete drone mapping solution they are looking for. Don't see the company you're looking for, contact our team and we can discuss custom integrations!

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